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Who we are

We are a couple from Brisbane who share a love and passion for travelling and exploring our amazing planet. You can always find us in our happy place somewhere deep in the ocean or anywhere surrounded by mother nature. We believe there are two essential things to ensuring the future of our wildlife, their habitat and more broadly our planet –  environmental sustainability and community awareness. This has been the inspiration for my green footprint.

Did you know as of 2018 about 380 million tons of plastic is produced each year worldwide. This plastic accumulates in our oceans and rainforest’s and affects our planet today, tomorrow and into the future.

It breaks our heart to see marine animals ingesting plastic and dying because of it or to see ocean birds attracted to bright coloured ocean plastics thinking they have a meal only to be fooled by the Trojan Horse that bright coloured ocean plastic is.

We believe reducing plastic pollution is everyone’s responsibility and our goal at my green footprint is to make it easy for everyone of us to make simple changes to our life that eliminate single use plastic and replace it with environmentally friendly reusable alternatives.

We’ve been fortunate enough to travel across our incredible planet and experience the extraordinary beauty it has to offer and yet at the same time see the devastating impacts we as a race have had on our environment. We want to give back to the planet and my green footprint is our small contribution to doing so.

We have spent 100’s of hours researching and handpicking my green footprint products. You can rest assured our products are environmentally friendly and contribute to a reduction in ocean pollution. They are designed to enable small changes in our lives but to be of great benefit to our planet.